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January 24, 2018  

In this episode of Northwest Race Report, Matt Sheeks interviews Kayla Kobelin, who recently qualified to go pro in triathlon at the 2017 Ironman Louisville.  In part I, Kayla discusses her athletic history and how she developed a passion for triathlon  Then Matt and Kayla talk about her training prior to joining up with Matt, and how it changed after he started coaching her. 

There are many practical tips in this interview about how to structure your own training.  Enjoy!

November 27, 2014  

During this episode of Northwest Race Report Matt explains some of the fundamentals of descending quickly and safely.  Matt also reviews the HUUB Aerious wetsuit.

March 20, 2014  

In the pilot episode Matt interviews local professional cyclist Morgan Schmitt.  You'll get to hear about his new team, upcoming race season and goals.  In addition, we cover early season time trials and highlight a couple outstanding cycling results.

March 8, 2014  

Matt talks about the positive impact one can have on other athletes, even through seemingly minor interactions.  Cross-Country ski racing in the Northwest is also discussed.